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Applicant Guide  - This guide will assist an applicant in creating an account, applying for a job, and checking an application status.

College Transcript Information for Educational Incentive Pay - is a PDF document with information regarding College Transcripts requirements for those requesting Education Incentive Pay.

Employee Manual - is the booklet distributed to all new employees of the Mobile County Merit System.

Keyboarding Test Information - Applicants for clerical/secretarial positions must have a passing score on a Keyboarding Test (given at the Mobile County Personnel Board office) at the time of application. Keyboarding tests must be taken at the Mobile County Personnel Board office, which is located at 1809 Government Street, Mobile, AL 36606. Be sure to read the Keyboarding Test Information flyer for additional information. 

Pay Plan - will give you the monthly minimum to maximum pay for classifications in each jurisdiction in PDF format.

Pay Tables -  will give you the pay table for each jurisdiction in PDF and Excel formats. These tables show the hourly, yearly, overtime, etc., pay rates for each pay grade and step available. Also available is a listing of the pay periods for the current year for each jurisdiction in PDF format.

Top Reasons for Disqualifications - is a PDF document that lists the top reasons applicants are disqualified from the application process.