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Welcome to the Mobile County Personnel Board Training Site.

We provide training opportunities for current Merit System Employees.

March-April 2024

Spring has almost sprung! Take a leap into spring by participating in some of the training highlighted below.

Coming up . . .

  • This session we have computer training for MS Excel Basic and MS Word Basic. These are in-person classes. Classes will be held here at the Personnel Board.
  • Additional Classes include:
    • Understanding Budgeting (live-remote)
    • Customer Service Basics (rescheduled from February)
    • Flagger Traffic Control Training
    • Our Supervisory Series beginning in March and continuing until June
  • See our 200+ short course online titles in these libraries: Customer Service, Communication, Health and Safety, HR Employment, Leadership for Managers/Supervisors, Leadership for Employees, Business Skills and Business Software.
  • Also, see our long course online training in these categories: Accounting/Math, Language Skills, People Skills and Business Skills. Choose from our twenty-two course titles.

Be sure to use the Universal Training Request Form to request any of our trainings at

Call us at (251) 445-4573 or 4574 or email us with any questions about current training and any training needs you may have. As always, you can receive our training email updates by sending your name, jurisdiction, and email address to us at

March-April 2024 Classroom and Remote Training Schedule

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Winter-Spring 2024 Short and Long Course Online Training

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