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Welcome to the Mobile County Personnel Board Training Site.

We provide training opportunities for current Merit System Employees.

September-October 2020

Fall is upon us, but with a 2020 twist.

In the Training Department, we continue to embrace the new norm with a combination of learning environments to provide training that is accessible and safe. Many thanks to staff, jurisdictions, participants, and vendors for their efforts to help us accomplish our goal of providing quality training to Merit System employees.

Did you know that our department does more than schedule training?  We also…

  • Invite new Merit employees to New Employee Orientation Online.
  • Send training confirmations and reminders to employees and their supervisors.
  • Track training progress for short and long online training.
  • Update short and long training titles to better serve employees.
  • Track and record training completions.
  • Send training reports and certificates to participating employees’ departments.
  • Provide training consultation for supervisors and managers.
  • Provide training record verifications upon request.
  • Most of all, help employees succeed in their learning experiences.

Please note that we are receiving training requests by email only at this time.  Feel free to call (251) 445-4573 or 4574 or email us with any questions about current training and any training needs you may have.  As always, you can receive our training email updates by sending your name, jurisdiction, and email address to us at


September-October 2020 Classroom and Remote Training Schedule

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September-October 2020 Short and Long Course Online Offerings

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