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If you have recently entered into public service with one of the 22 Mobile County Merit System agencies - Welcome!   We hope you find your employment to be rewarding and gratifying as we all strive to fulfill our responsibilities to assist citizens with inquiries, requests and needs.

If you have been employed by one or more of the agencies for some time - Thank You for your dedication to public service!  You are serving in an honorable capacity and are valued as an integral part of local government.

Orientation Session – held as needed to introduce new employees to our Merit System
Merit System Benefits – Full time employees receive specific benefits as provided by the Personnel Board Rules, but for information on benefits in your agency, speak with your Human Resource representative
Laws and Rules - the Act that formed our Civil Service Merit System, and the Rules that govern it
Employee Manual - the booklet distributed to all new employees of the Mobile County Merit System
Promotional Opportunities – possibilities for advancement in our Merit System
Training - the classes offered to current Merit System Employees through this department

The Mobile County Merit System has over 4,000 employees serving in approximately 900 job classifications among 22 agencies throughout Mobile County, Alabama. 

The following is a list of the number of employees by jurisdiction as of 12/31/2021.

Mobile County 876

Mobile Housing Authority

Mobile County Sheriff's Office 533 Mobile County Emergency Management Agency 8
City of Mobile 1,999 Mobile County Health Department 194
City of Prichard 134 Mobile County Racing Commission 1
City of Chickasaw 43 Mobile Public Libray 168
City of Saraland 162 Water Works and Sewer Board-City of Prichard 26
City of Citronelle 38 Saraland Water and Sewer Board 15
City of Bayou La Batre 42 Satsuma Water and Sewer Board 7
City of Satsuma 41 Utilities Board of the City of Bayou La Batre 9
City of Creola 16 Utilities Board of the City of Chickasaw 3
Town of Mount Vernon 21 Mobile County Personnel Board 28

Mobile Area Water and Sewer System


Total Active Employees in the Merit System:        4,778