Training Schedule for Winter 2015

Mobile County Merit System Training



Workplace /Supervisory Skills

Refresh your skills or learn a new one. This quarter offers you a variety of seasoned trainers presenting programs with a diverse selection of topics. Subject areas include: supervisory essentials, communication skills and ideas for working with other effectively.


An Introduction to Supervisory Skills

Date: February 27, 2015

Time: 8:30 am until 4:00 pm

The 2015 supervisory series will begin in February with - An Introduction to Supervisory Skills. New supervisors, experienced supervisors and those wishing to assume responsibilities should consider attendng. Parts two and three of this series will be presented in Spring 2015.


Communication - An Organizational Priority

Date: March 6, 2015

Time: 8:30 am until 12:00 pm

Effective communication is core to any successful organization. As professionals, our communication must be clear, appropriate and delivered effectively. Enhance your skills by joining us on March 6th.







Today's Generational Work Styles

Date: March 20, 2015

Time: 8:30 am until 12:30 pm

There are many factors that build a diverse workplace. One of those is age. Some employees are younger, some older, and some in between. These individuals bring with them each day their values, experiences, and views on how work should be conducted. In this class, those differences and the importance of blending each style for the betterment of the organization will be discussed.


Conflict Resolution / Dealing with the Difficult

Date: March 27, 2015

Time: 8:30 am until 12:30 pm

A reality of the workplace is that misunderstanding and conflicts occur both from within and when dealing with those from outside our organization. Join us on March 27th to see how those concerns are addressed.