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Mobile County Personnel Board / Training

The Mobile County Personnel Board offers training opportunities to the employees of the Mobile County Merit System. Training programs are coordinated through its training department and offered on a quarterly basis.

Our program offerings for spring 2015 include both the traditional instructor-led sessions as well as online options. We are excited about the depth of training being offered this quarter.  You will see that among the listings are a variety of programs and presenters.  Programs include supervisory skills, employee development topics, online, safety, and skill training. 

The selection of programs this spring offers a line-up of classes that will help both new and experienced supervisors alike.  Different supervisory presentations will occur in April, May and June. You may choose one session to attend or a combination of sessions.  Each presentation will have two topics per day from which to choose.  We encourage you to choose both sessions to fully benefit from the presentations. 

To ensure your place in a class, we ask that you submit the training request by the deadline date

Remember that... enrollment in a training class or program is simple. Select the program or programs of your choice, complete a MCPB training request form, obtain supervisory approval, and forward your request to the training department by e-mail, fax, or deliver in person to our office by the deadline date.

We look forward to seeing you in Spring 2015!

Mobile County Personnel Board
1809 Government Street, Mobile, AL 36606
(E-mail) training@personnelboard.org
(Tel.) 251-445-4573 (Fax) 251-470-7722