A Schedule of Training Activities

for Summer 2015


Mobile County Merit System Training




The Mobile County Personnel Board offers training opportunities to the employees of the Mobile County Merit System. Training programs are coordinated through its training department and offered on a quarterly basis.  Our program offerings include both the traditional instructor-led sessions as well as online options.

It’s August already! Thank you for your patience as I continue to learning more about training within the merit system.  It has been so helpful to visit with some of our jurisdictions to talk about training needs.  I look forward to visiting more jurisdictions in the very near future.  In any case, feel free to call anytime to share your thoughts and questions.
Training information to note…

  1. There are a few additional training offerings for this month, with more to come in September.
  2. The September schedule will be announced in few weeks.
  3. Don’t forget to take advantage of our online training options.

Enrollment in a training class or program is simple:

  1. Select the program or programs of your choice.
  2. Complete a training request form or an online training request form.
  3. Obtain supervisory approval.
  4. Forward your request to the training department by e-mail, fax, or deliver in person to our office by the deadline date.

-- Jeanne


Jeanne D. Harris
Training Officer
Mobile County Personnel Board
1809 Government Street, Mobile, AL 36606
Fax:  251-470-7722             Phone: 251-445-