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Winter 2015

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Advance Training Schedule for 2015

Mobile County Personnel Board / Training

The Mobile County Personnel Board offers training opportunities to the employees of the Mobile County Merit System. Training programs are coordinated through its training department and offered on a quarterly basis.

Our program offerings for winter 2015 include both the traditional instructor-led sessions as well as online options. As you review our winter 2015 schedule, please take note of the many online training options. Online programs allow you to access training 24/7 whether at work, on the go or from home. Soon, you will also have new employee orientation available online. Instructions will be sent as the quarter progresses.

The instructor-led programs for this quarter include both safety, skill, supervisory and workplace topics. If you need to brush up on your computer skills or need to learn a new software application, look for the choices under "Your Computer Workshop!"

Remember that... enrollment in a training class or program is simple. Select the program or programs of your choice, complete a MCPB training request form, obtain supervisory approval and forward your request to the training department by e-mail, fax or deliver in person to our office by the deadline date.

Finally, it is a... New Year-New Beginnings: Time to LEARN New Skills!

To see the many training opportunities available this quarter, click here...click here

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